Daisy & Dukes is one of the UK’s top 10 talent agencies for young actors and models. You’ll find our children starring in the nation’s leading TV, film, radio and theatre productions and modelling for high profile brands.

We’re successful because of our approach, industry knowledge and determination to provide a service casting directors, ad agencies and production companies as well as parents can rely on.

With a vast array of young talent on our books, we are experts at matching performers to what casting agents are looking for.

Whether it’s a performer for a leading or supporting role in television, film or theatre or a model for commercials, editorial or photographic work.

Our founder Michelle’s experience of being the parent of a young actor means we understand parents’ priorities. As a result we do all we can to make sure every child is happy, safe and thoroughly enjoys their time on set.

We’re here to help our casting clients find the right talent quickly and easily, and to help young people find the acting and modelling work that will allow them to grow and develop their skills.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr Seuss

Listen to our feature in the Spotlight Podcast

We chat through how parents and agents can form a good relationship, the ins and outs parents should be aware of in the industry, and how to work with the service provided by Spotlight.




Michelle is founder and director of Daisy & Dukes. She has many years experience within the creative industry and has gained a fountain of industry knowledge during this time. She decided that university wasn’t for her and jumped straight into the deep end and learning on the job. Her passion, drive and commitment is evident daily in the overall running of the agency. She is proud of what Daisy & Dukes has become and excited at what lies ahead for the talented clients they represent.

Family Time, Sunshine, Theatre, Fashion, Photography, Good Food, Champagne.

Voicemail, Bad Punctuation, Coffee, People Eating in the Theatre.

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